A Will of Fire
Hi everyone. So I decided I’ll be doing a hiatus of sorts starting on Tuesday (2nd of September). This is because of school starting and it’s my final year, so there’s a lot of work and it’s going to be quite stressful. I will try to go one as much as I can during the weekends (Friday and Saturday) but I’m not too sure. I also have extra-curricular activities, aikido practice and music to keep up with, so it’s going to be a hectic year. I’ll try to go on as much as I can and hopefully it would give me some motivation to do replies.

Thank you all 1429 of you who follow me. If you want to contact me, come to my personal blog, KameoDash, but it'll be quite rare, or if you have my Skype you can contact me there there’s facebook, but only four of you have me on there haha.

I wish you all the best of luck and goodbye It’s been a great eight months with all of you! :)

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